Some hidden tips for finding affordable mortgage rates without refinancing


When you are looking for new mortgage rates to save hundreds of dollars each month, mortgage professionals recommend you to refinance along with your existing mortgage. Sometimes, it can bring bitter experience for borrowers. In the article, we will learn how to get a new mortgage rate without refinancing. Building up a good understanding and relationship with your lender you can find a new and affordable mortgage rate without refinancing. Let’s find more about this:

Find out current interest rate:

This is the first step to find new mortgage rates without refinancing. Contact with your existing lender to know about the current interest rate. In order to compare the mortgage rates of your current lenders with others you need to find the current mortgage interest rates. It will help you to conduct a comparison between the interest rate of your existing lenders and those of others.

Determine the interest rate of other lenders:

After having the current interest rate of your existing lender, you need to determine the interest rates of other lenders including bank, insurance company, financial institution, and lending farm. If you find that other lenders are offering mortgage at cheap and affordable mortgage rates, you can bargain with your current lenders to install new interest rate.

Discuss with your lenders:

Discuss with your existing lenders about the possibility of approving cheap mortgage rates without refinancing. You should conduct a cooperative discussion with your lender to convince him. Please never be emotional and excited while talking about the fact. In this regard a good understanding with lenders can bring positive results to get an affordable mortgage rate without refinancing.

Prepare and submit a formal letter:

If your existing lenders are any banks or financial organizations, submit a formal letter in order to get an affordable mortgage rate without refinancing. On the other hand, if you issue your mortgage from an individual you have no need to prepare any formal letter. This letter will work as a document that you have requested to the authority for lower interest rates. Keep in mind that never uses any slang or scaring words and sentences in your letter. It can hamper the whole process of having an affordable mortgage rate without refinancing.

Present a statement of your hardship:

Finally, you need to submit a bank statement to your lender regarding your present economic hardship. It will encourage your lender to offer you an affordable and cheap mortgage rate without refinancing.

Online real estate Auckland training course can save your time and money.


Sometimes it becomes difficult for real estate agents to take a training course going at a training academy or a coaching center. It is highly crucial for the real estate agents to have an agent license to flourish their career in the real estate Auckland market. In this regard real estate training program online can relax the hardship at a large extent. There are many real estate training institutions and centers those offer their course online. You can take the training course at your convenience time. The online property training course can save your valuable time and money.

Online training institutions design their courses to create an experienced real estate agent in the property market of Auckland. You can earn an agent license remaining at your home or office. You have no need to be punctual to take real estate training course online. To take the property training course you just need having personal computer and internet connection. In any corner of the Auckland real estate training course is available.

Become a competent real estate Auckland agent with the help of real estate training course online. Your future as a real estate agent can be more glorious, when you take the course. There are some real estate agents who cannot spend enough time at a training institution or academy; they can take the course easily remaining at home or office online.  You just need to follow some step by step instructions to complete the training course online.

Real estate Auckland training course online can save your valuable time and money. The internet has made the way of achieving a real estate agent certificate easier than before. Choose a reliable online real estate training center to achieve an agent license within the shortest period of time. The online property training program teaches you how to converse and manage consumers online. And you know at present most of the real estate Auckland transactions are dealt online.


King Size Menswear for the modern fashionable men.


King size menswear actually means clothing sizes XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL; in leg 27, 29, 30, 32, 34 and hip size 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, and 54, and more.  People who are with big body and large height they seek for the king size menswear. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the accurate size big man clothing. And often big body men fall into confusion to purchase the actual size dress for them. However in our e-commerce site you can have a various king size menswear including jeans, denim jacket, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, trousers, swim-shorts, jackets, men’s underwear, sweater shirts, and many other products. Let’s review some king sizes menswear.

Duke London King Size Pajama Pants:

The pajama pants featured with the black/ white and funny cartoon designs. It’s manufactured by the Duke London apparel company. There are four major available sizes including 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. The Duke London pajama pants made of 100% cotton and printed with beautiful designs. Customers choose the pajama pants for the funny cartoon design. You can wear the pajama pants during summer seasons to feel more comfort. On the retailing market you can purchase the king size duke London pajama pants having only 19 dollars.

Rockford King Size Heavy Sweater shirts:

The super soft heavy weight king size sweater shirt is available in large sizes 2XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and 6XL, and more. It’s manufactured by the Rockford menswear manufacturing company. Big men prefer the heavy sweater for modern fashion. It is an effective menswear to protect extreme cold. The sweater shirt is available in three major colors such as black, ash, and gray black. In various online shops you can find the product. You can purchase the sweater shirt from our e-commerce site only passing $40.

Rockford Journey King size V-neck T-shirts:

The king size V-neck T-shirt is available in larger sizes such as 1XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and 6XL. Rockford journey king size V-neck T-shirts are available in many colors including white, ash, and gray black. It’s made of 100% pure cotton that allows you to wash it in the washing machine. The T-shirt is so comfortable in hot weather and environment. You can purchase the product from any local or online shops. From our e-commerce site you can purchase the king size V-neck T-shirt having only $16.

Split Star King Size Long Sleeve Shirts:

Split Star is a leading apparel retailer company where you can find king size long sleeve shirts with different sizes and colors. The long sleeve shirt is available in size 1XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, and 6XL. The shirt is a perfect king size shirt with outstanding appearance and quality. It featured with the black/white color and 100% pure cotton. This is the best choice for the modern fashionable men. You can wear the long sleeve king size shirts in various occasions, party, and events. We can provide you the split star king size long sleeve shirt only at $50.

In conclusion, I hope reviewing the article you can find the best king sizes menswear for your modern lifestyle.


Academic coaching helps students to develop their academic skills.


Academic coaching is a comprehensive student support service for the students who need to develop their academic skills, self management skills, and organization and study skills. Students get tips and techniques from the academic coaching to make their expected result in the final examination. It helps students to achieve their academic goals. In the academic coaching you can learn about the techniques of reading, writing, speaking, critical reasoning, and mathematical problem solving. Coach of a coaching center is highly dedicated to bloom the inherent potentiality of the students. Academic coaching helps students to be self confident and self motivated.

The concept of an academic coaching was introduced to help students to get their academic success. In different countries you will get enormous coaching centers where students take admission to promote their academic skills. Content and program of each coaching session designed to develop self motivation and self confidence of the students. You can be more organized and punctual to complete your academic tasks with the help of the academic coaching. Academic coaching teaches students to write an essay, to read a passage realizing its meaning, to solve mathematical problems, and to assess critical reasoning.

Read more effectively with the help of an academic coaching. Be prepared for your final examination in order to the direction of a coach. Academic coaches can help the students to realize their academic syllabus and reading materials. As a first year student of college you can make the more score in your examination with the help of an academic coaching. Coaches are here to teach students the important techniques and tricks of listening, writing, and reading. Academic coaches also organize workshops for the students to develop their academic skills. So, to read, to write, to listen, and to solve mathematical problem properly take the help of an academic coaching.

Find the best life insurance policy NZ to meet your demands and needs.


In New Zealand, life insurance companies offer different types of life insurance policies. You can purchase any of them to meet your demands and necessities. Let’s find what life insurance policies are available in New Zealand.

life insurance nz

Term life insurance is an insurance policy which is purchased for a definite period of time. It is a popular form of life insurance policy to the people of New Zealand. You know in this type of insurance policy insured cannot accumulate cash value. If you have limited money to pay as the life insurance premiums, you can purchase term life insurance.

Permanent life insurance is another type of insurance where an insured invest for a long period of time. In New Zealand you will get hundreds of life insurance companies which offer permanent life insurance policies to the policy holders. In the permanent life insurance policy an insured can withdraw his interest at any time. You have no required taxation to accumulate cash value for a certain period of time. So, you can purchase a permanent life insurance policy from the numerous life insurance companies in New Zealand.

Universal life insurance is a sub-type of the permanent life insurance policy where the cash value is credited in each month with interest. This type of permanent life insurance may be used in various purposes such as income replacement, debt coverage, estate liquidity, key person insurance, mortgage acceleration, and charitable gift, and more. You will get some specialized life insurance companies in the New Zealand which offer universal life insurance policies.

Whole life insurance is another type of permanent life insurance that an insured purchase for his whole life. In this life insurance insured pays premiums of the policy in every year. The whole life insurance policy is so popular in New Zealand.


Follow some important factors to choose a genuine TV on PC software.


Are you looking for an alternative of the dish and cable TV? Then, Watch TV on PC is the best option for you. The online TV on PC offers thousands of TV channels on your computer screen. On the market there are many sites those provide customers’ software of online TV. However all sites are not authentic; you must register to a genuine site to get smooth service. Let’s talk about some important facts to choose accurate software.


Subscription fee:

This is the most important fact to choose an appropriate TV on PC software. You must consider the rate of the package to avoid waste of time and money. It should be noted that you can get software through subscription, registration, and download.  You can subscribe to the online TV by a minimal cost or free.


Access and availability of software:

Access and availability of TV on PC software is very crucial to enjoy TV channels and programs across the world. The TV on PC software must be applicable to all genres of TV channels and programs. You should check access and availability to get excellent service.


Picture Quality:

Picture quality is so pivotal to watch TV shows on the desktop or laptop. And you know the picture quality of the online television depends on the authenticity and capacity of software. Only genuine software can make sure the high definition picture quality for you.


Guarantee or warranty:

Only guaranteed software can ensure a smooth service and top quality picture for you. So you must choose the guaranteed software.


So, while you are going to subscribe TV on PC software; you should obey these factors.



Everything you need to know about internet marketing

Everything you need to know about internet marketing

Internet Marketing, also often known as online advertising or e-marketing is the promotion and marketing of different products and services on the World Wide Web. There are several ways of advertising online. The most common ones include the results from search engines, banner ads, pop ups, blogs, social network advertising e-mail marketing and many more. Most of these ads are delivered to the recipients using an ad server.

There are many types of internet marketing. These techniques are used globally for internet marketing purposes. The following are some of the notable ones.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a technique which optimizes a website in such a way that it can be found easily by relevant searchers. This is a very essential part of inbound internet marketing to invite businesses. According to some statistics, about 60% of the entire click goes only to the top three results in a web search. This makes SEO New Zealand an extremely important factor to determine how much traffic a website is going to get. SEO is used to boost a website to the top of the list.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media services for internet marketing has been a proved tactic of gathering more traffic for a website. The best thing about this is that it is very low cost since the most famous social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are free. Having business profiles being represented at these social media hubs is a great way to tell people about you and get attention.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Another way of advertising is pay per click. What happens in this is that the advertising only pays a fixed amount of money to the owner of a website displaying their ad when a user clicks on their ad. It also targets a great deal of audience to attract people looking for any services that the ad is about.

Public Relations


News releases that are picked up by internet publications will get a great deal of traffic on the company page. However, for this to happen, an event, worthy of being mentioned in the news must occur.

E-mail Marketing


This is another way of internet marketing where a user signs up for a subscription of email publication which will be then sent to the user automatically. This service can be used to advertise promotions and any new products that a company is offering.




Networking of different businesses is a great internet marketing technique where each business refers its customers to the other business for a specific task. This way a collaboration of businesses can be used to get more out of a specific marketplace.

Paid advertising


This is a tactic used to attract customers who aren’t exactly looking for the business you’re advertising. Paid advertising is used to create recognition for businesses and get into the minds of people who have never heard of your business before.


All these tactics are although not free but are also worth it in the internet marketing because they help get a whole lot more activity from a specific marketplace.

Professional carpet cleaning in Auckland, New Zealand

Carpet cleaning company in Auckland

Carpets are expensive product that you purchase for your home. They make your house look great especially when you have the right design and color. You spend a lot of money when purchasing the item and to extend the expenditure, you spend more on its maintenance. Fact is, you can’t always say you need a new carpet every time your carpet gets dirty, I mean that is a lot of money considering the bad economic times we are living in. living in Auckland, New Zealand gives you a chance of getting the best carpet cleaners. There are lots and lots of professional cleaners in Auckland. There are lots of companies providing Carpet cleaning Auckland services but you have to ensure the company carries professionalism. Professionalism in this case is not just a word to be used by certain companies but it has to be based on the services they provide.

For instance, you have to know how clean the name of the company in question is. A company that has worked for more than 20 years clearly must carry the good name with them. Such carpet cleaning company has a good reputation from customers since they are after all satisfied with the services they get. Such a reputable company should have a new fleet of powerful truck mounted steam cleaning machines to clean right into the pile instead of just buffing the surface which happens all the time with other cleaning machines. At the same time, the machines enhance a good and vast drying time for the homeowner’s carpet.

There has to be products used to clean the carpet and considering that some of these homes have kid and pets, the products should be non toxic. That enhances environment friendly for you and your family and pets if you have some. In addition, the fact that you are using professional Carpet cleaning Auckland services means the life of the carpet will be prolonged. This is what happens after cleaning the item all the time. It stops clogging of dirt particles which at times brings crawling animals which in the long run end up moisturizing the carpet after which it compromises its texture. Hence, all time cleaning normally works best for the carpet.

In the same instance, ensure that your Carpet cleaning Auckland Company is reliable and absolutely honest. This will give you freedom to talk to them anytime and complain if need be. Technicians sent to your home should be professional as well. This comes due to full training as well as certification and if need be, uniforms are absolutely required. Recommendation from real estate property managers could also be crucial to be sure you are to be working with one of the best cleaners in Auckland. Considering all the above listed will sure give you the best services to help keep your carpet as neat and not only that, you will be keeping your family safe from infections from clogging insects and crawling animals in the carpet.

How to find good Dentist in Auckland

Auckland is in New Zealand and dentists in here are highly trained and are professionals in the areas and matters to do with the general health of the teeth. These dentists help and offer their services to various people who often come for dental help. Most of the professional dentists have been in the dental industry for a long period of time and have acquired some great skills and have come along very many dental problems thereby polishing their skills and gaining new knowledge.

They offer a wide variety of services depending on the demands and the problems that are mostly experienced. People in the general public refer the dentists highly because they are highly committed in their work and offer professional services thereby gaining good reputation. Many people have heard of the Dentist Auckland  and the quality of services delivered and usually they travel from long distances to come and get the services and also get treated. They use high tech machines that are relatively expensive and equipment that come ready with solutions and manuals to guide on how to use them.

Dentist Auckland offers a variety of services and this may include:

Cosmetic dentistry: This is a type of service offered to a person and may include veneers which are a thin layer and slight material fitted over existing teeth. This is done so as to give the person a general good and perfect smile. Also there are the bridges that are filled so as to fill the gap that exists between teeth and this is common to see in many people. Another type of service that is offered in cosmetic dentistry is offering teeth crown and this basically means that the prepared tooth is fitted with the artificial restoration that generally makes it very strong and it also shapes the tooth so that it can take the position and look of a natural tooth.

Root canal treatment: This is also another service that Dentist Auckland  offers and this is the dental procedure that the dentists use to treat an infection that occurs normally in the centre and root of the tooth of the person. This infection can prove to be unbearable in terms of the pain that the person is experiencing and requires immediate action to be taken to establish how the person can be treated.

Hygiene services is another service that is often offered in Dentist Auckland  and here the patient or the customer is advised how he can keep good hygiene of the teeth and usually the dentist prescribes a paste the person is supposed to use. The dentist offers advice to patients on how they can maintain their teeth and the symptoms to look for in detecting that something is wrong.

The dentists also offer teeth whitening and implants and the general straightening of the teeth so that the patient can be guaranteed that they only get the best. Most patients are our customers and they normally visit us each time they have a problem.


How to Find a Good Plumber

Plumbing needs keep arising in the house every now and then. However, finding a good plumber Auckland is not an easy job. If you hire the wrong plumber once, you will spend more money and will have to call him again and again in order to get those leaking pipes and sewage lines fixed. Therefore, it is essential that you learn the rules of finding a good plumber. Here are a few of the steps that you need to follow in order to get good plumbers Auckland.

  • Always look for reference- good plumbers Auckland can mostly be found through references. There are two benefits of plumbers Auckland that come through references. First of all, a reference is a stamp of good work. Nobody likes to refer someone who has not worked properly, nor do they go to someone who has not been providing good services. The second benefit of references is that they come from your trusted sources as a result of which it becomes easier for you to guess that the service provider they are sending would only be good for you. Therefore, it is quite essential that you look for a good reference person and check out one or more references from the same area in order to find plumber Auckland.
  • Look for a licensed plumber- licensed plumbers Auckland generally provide better services and they hold more responsibility and accountability towards their work. This is not entirely true for unlicensed plumbers. Therefore, you must make sure that you go through a list of licensees of plumbing jobs in your area.
  • Find experienced plumbers- plumbing is not a menial job. You only need professional plumbers Auckland to look after the leakages and other needs of your home. If you fail to do so, you will land up in a big trouble later on which may cause you to spend a lot of money. Therefore, you must be very careful.
  • Start your calling spree- You would have to call a number of plumbers Auckland in order to explain them the problem that you are facing and check their quotes. Cost is also a very important factor here. If you think the plumber is charging too high or too low, then you must refrain from appointing them. Always go for plumber Auckland that charge reasonably and get the best work done and if they are coming from trusted references, then it is way better.


Die Welle (2008)review

The tide is on the basis of the film Germany novelist tuode·sitelase adaptations of the works of the same name, through school groups, it changes to show the modern civilized society to leave the past fascism, in fact, just a few steps away.
I by check out information understanding to, wave under of story adapted since a real of event, April 1967, United States California paluoaer asked city kubailaigaozhong of history teacher luoen·qiongsi to let students personally experience to Nazi totalitarian movement of terrorist, he bold of design has a experiment, let students imitation Nazi partisans, in class in launched has a micro of totalitarian movement, didn’t thought days zhihou, on has increasingly more of students joined which, everyone gradually into a difficult to apart of totalitarian fanatic in the, Until Jones finally gave the students play back recorded pictures of Nazi atrocities, the consternation of students to an abrupt end. Film locations from the United States for Germany, compared to real situations and outcomes is more brutal and sensational, but largely maintain the authenticity of the whole event.
However, I can’t help but wonder, films with an event like this is trying to tell us something. Resurgence of fascism are likely in the modern society? Collectivism is the authoritarianism of the fuse?
In fact, aside from some deep thinking and explore, at viewing time, I have some intuitive feelings. The “wave” in the process of organizing, externalization of some performances, including answer the question to raise their hands in class to stand and maintain classroom discipline, uniforms, established the slogan gestures, and so on, it all began for the students in the movie are absurd and incomprehensible. Because they are independent concepts of open education and growing up, their criteria are personality, free, free. But in this episode appears in the Chinese film it? Simply not possible. Isn’t that what we all grew up to be such education? Known to have a sense of collective, the minority obeys the majority, at the school to wear uniforms, sitting in class, character, to raise my hand, and so on. These Chinese students are commonplace, since that should comply with the code of conduct is considered in the film evoked totalitarian elements of authoritarianism, which means what? Is totalitarianism does not fit in today’s Chinese society grows in soil? Or is modern China has a potential totalitarian powers, but did not explode? But in the sixties or seventies of the 20th century, the history of China’s cultural revolution was a painful lesson.
We can perhaps understand, collectivism is a double-edged sword, used properly with powerful strength, efficient execution. Collectivism as a part of the proletarian world Outlook, are at the heart of Communist morality, is an important symbol of socialist spiritual civilization. However, if uncontrolled, extreme collectivism on the evils of fascism.
The movie not worth asking resurgence of dictatorship ever in modern society, we should learn how to reflection and introspection. Confucius says, “examine self thrice a day my day.” Personal reflection on the need to know, for the entire national community and even more so. To take history as a mirror, be prepared.

Self-reference and an infinite loop

The original 《Maniac》30 years ago when the Maniac has been of this just before the film critic Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert criticized eggs such as saying too many scenes of violence. But the more movies, more b-movie fans alike. Alexandre Aja, after 30 years to write the script and Franck Khalfoun Director make a new version of the Maniac. Was emperor at Agha, his film is not a horror film fans disappointed, after reading the film and found homals is not fuel-efficient lights.


Films and Gaspar No e’s into nothingness as the primary angle of the lens, a surprise for people than in recent years, those carrying the camera perspective of other horror films, lens shake not so tough at all, no overt emphasis on pseudo record, they have made the scene more real tight, give immersive feeling, that’s cool.


This Franck Khalfoun only took had a Minister tablets, enough to proved he is a Giallo tablets fans, film even tones are with Dario Argento of late at night stop under similar, theme is sick murder, with of plasma also not United States b level tablets in common of is dilution of tomato juice, with Tenebre under in that is cut arm of BITCH body in spray out of red blood as and deep and heavy, let people see with more egg pain.
Music is of the old sound electronic music synthesizer, spell it out, with Mario Bava in the 80 ‘s with films like simplicity, obscure, bleak.
If these two points is not enough to prove that Grand is a Giallo FK fan club, then see a movie at the end of a long shot, Elijah Wood holding the bloody mannequin from the door to the room, view top down, familiar isn’t it? Argento fans think, ripe, because in the sleepless, he also had a long shot from the same angle, the only difference is the camera angle was a little lower.


Now horror films focusing on sensual and mystery plot, Franck Khalfoun carefully to pervert movie part of the focus on the psychological depiction, makes the character even more fullness. When Elijah Wood that is covered with tattoos naked slut seduced, I worried for him, like you get on her, me JJ is getting hard you’re not hard right? But he was a Maniac, only under normal sexual attraction to show a pair of tense look breathtaking, you approach God? He is the protagonist of this piece, he will only kill. Don’t take this side reflected in the description of the mentally ill with Hitchcock than, Hitchcock is a film master, his ambitions to the likes of b-movie fans are a bit annoying to him, just a murder story horror of the Maniac.


Way, congratulations to Elijah Wood out of its natural stay cute dollface image successfully playing a sick; that Nora Arnezeder niuzi are bound to be rounds, because she has a beautiful face, can turn that France girls act like a cat show.


Mental distortions, cry bitch, big tits big butt, dark tones, b-movie elements, half a screen full of tomato juice. For a like Giallo movie audience, it should have everything you need, what did you want to see?


Incidentally, that don’t like horror movies the literary small fresh b-boy, you better get back to watching your UMD, can’t understand the blind BB.



At night, the skies suddenly overcast, it begins to rain heavily. Rain in the face in front of cake and candles are anxiously looking out of the window. She is 12 years old birthday today, she is from childhood to youth, how much she would like a mother and father to come back for her last birthday. After his divorce, Dad, MOM, she was ten years old, she never ever had a decent birthday. Dad standing out, rarely home mom since left, leaving only a far address. That day, she excitedly sent mum a letter and give Dad a call and explains her wish. MOM replied, and said be sure to drizzle a decent birthday; dad call and also for her daughter, one of the most perfect birthday. These days, Xiaoyu happy smiling, walk around smirking; everyone says, my mom and dad to come back for my birthday … …! However, who knows hit today weather … …!
Raining outside, more fierce. Drizzle lousy, she looked more heavy rain was more annoying. Candle glitter glitter red light drizzle in the face, as if in a hurry: “rain, your MOM and dad don’t come back, who’s going to blow me?
Half an hour later, MOM and dad hadn’t come back, heartbeat of the rain gets worse. Wang Dama soon neighbors shouting rain come to the phone. Rain even rain didn’t instalments, rushed out of the House, running across the neighborhood, quickly picked up the phone, only heard Daddy heavy voice: “rain dad is too busy to … … Can’t go back for your birthday, you and Grandma have been … …! “The rain holding the phone” wow “to burst into tears, she did want to be dad saying many things, but Dad hung up the phone.
Xiao-crying in the rain to return to their homes, and she was wet all over. Grandma in her arms in the rain.
Past time for half an hour, MOM hadn’t come back. Rain sad and it’s rained so much mother wouldn’t come back.
“Grandma, I did MOM and dad adopt? “Rain sad to tell Grandma.
Grandmother comfort rain: “silly boy! How can you be MOM and dad adopt?
“So why would they care to me?
Silence … … Grandma secretly wiped a tear.
Suddenly, the rain hear urgent the knock, “MOM came home, MOM is back! “Rain is pleased to jump up. The door opened, a dozen children, were as wet as a drowned rat. Rain, looking at these familiar faces, … … Ah! Her classmates! Students are holding a beautiful gift, body trembling cold. Rain ran up there regardless of 3,721 and hugging her classmates together, “Woo-OOO” tears … …
Students and drizzle to light 12 candles. They drizzle blowing out the candles in the songs; the blessed sound of them, eats a sweet cake. Xiao’s wishes are not fulfilled, but she got a dream … …